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I’m a Web Developer with interests in well-designed user-centered projects. I have a passion for accessibility and would love to work on more projects that include it as a core tenet. I built my first website when I was ten years old, it was for a local band. Finding out about the right-click and view source feature in Mozilla Firefox changed my life back then. I still find myself right-clicking these days, but mostly to inspect different elements. My interest in actively learning about Web Development was renewed with my fellowship with Interactive Mechanics ('17-'18).

I'm currently enrolled in the Penn LPS Web Development programming bootcamp, where I'm learning how to become a fullstack developer and getting a lot of hands-on practice with HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, Materialize.css, Express.js, React.js, Node.js, MongoDB, MySQL, Command Line, and Git.

As a former journalist, I have a background in content strategy. As someone who has been running their own business and contracting for years, I am now looking for a fulltime web development position. I am also interested in contributing to more open source projects. My only contribution so far is for Peregrine, a Django-based CMS that uses Wagtail as a framework. I added a minor contribution of a footer to the project.

I live in Philadelphia, with my pet-turtle, Murphy Brown, Jr. But we’re both willing to relocate for the right opportunity.